Revolutionary robotic boring and inspecting device

robotic surveillanceremote controlled robotWith the HAZPROBE™ mounted to WM Robots’ WM KNIGHT™ or other robust mobile platform, an operator can remotely control the robot, drive the mobile robot to a suspect vehicle, extend the robotic vehicle’s manipulator arm with the HAZPROBE to the target area, and activate the HAZPROBE. The HAZPROBE will automatically inch forward, sensing when to drill and when it has finished boring through the vehicle’s sheet metal.  Once drilling is complete, the drill bit automatically ejects, and the in-shaft Pan & Rotate robotic surveillance camera, color or near-infrared, with its self-illuminating LED ring, extends from the shaft and into the vehicle compartment.  All in minutes.

  • On-site interchangeable color or near-infrared camera modules and drill bits facilitate quick response to changes in incident circumstances.
  • Window breaking bit keeps your robot’s gripper free for other purposes such as carrying a mineral water bottle to the site on the same trip.
  • Self-illuminating pan & rotate robotic camera makes it easy to inspect tight areas, under vehicles, around corners, above ceilings, through windows, under seats, or see a depth perception side view of the robot’s gripper.
  • Compatibility with various medium to heavy-duty robotic platforms including WM Robots’ WM KNIGHT means HAZPROBE taps into your robot’s communication and power systems and displays its video on your robot’s OCU display screen.
  • Full robotic, remote operation minimizes disruption and economic impact of an incident as well as liability costs.
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