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The WM KNIGHT™ UGV robot is based on a highly stable, easy-to-use all-terrain platform and state-of-the art controls that enable the all-terrain robot to become an extension of the operator, allowing him or her to focus on the mission at hand. With a powerful, precise manipulator arm, an optimized operator control unit, robotic camera and built-in Lithium Ion battery pack, The WM KNIGHT robot is highly sophisticated, portable and quick to deploy, with dedicated joysticks for each function.

  • Seven backlash-free arm joints combine strength and precision to lift up to 165lbs (75kg) at full extension and enable arm use in new ways.
  • Highly sensitive joystick control for each arm joint, with a dedicated amplifier tied to each corresponding joystick axis, gives each joint its own sensitive joystick actuated speed/power control.
  • Optimized Operator Control Unit (OCU) features dedicated HAZPROBE™ controls for use in an IED or EOD response vehicle.
  • Dedicated relay switches associated with each channel make it easy to label and control every accessory or laser.
  • Highly customizable features satisfy tactical requirements.  Affix up to four additional cameras as well as the HAZPROBE disruptor system.
  • Robotic 300:1 zoom camera system is operated from a dedicated joystick. Images, including zoom, focus, and iris control output, can be shared to any permanent or re-locatable camera by simply selecting the active camera.  Can accommodate additional cameras.
  • Built-in Lithium Ion battery pack, charger, radios, and antennas make the KNIGHT one of the fastest robots to deploy, and highly portable when removed from its dedicated vehicle or transport vehicle.
  • Cutting-edge electronics package features dual and redundant communication, eight 24-VDC weapons circuits, eight 24-VDC accessory circuits, three permanent cameras, four re-locatable camera ports, three permanently-integrated sensor ports, on-board system diagnostics, two-way radio and A/V recording jacks.

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