WM Knight Robot ™

WM Knight Robot ™

The WM KNIGHT™ UGV robot is based on a highly stable, easy-to-use all-terrain platform and state-of-the art controls that enable the all-terrain robot to become an extension of the operator, allowing him or her to focus on the mission at hand. With a powerful, precise manipulator arm, an optimized operator control unit, robotic camera and built-in Lithium Ion battery pack, The WM KNIGHT robot is highly sophisticated, portable and quick to deploy, with dedicated joysticks for each function.
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Pawn Robot ™

Pawn is a highly effective low-cost, expendable, robot designed to transport the BootBanger™ and other comparable energetic tools used to disrupt Vehicle-Borne IEDs (VBIEDs). The Pawn limits the risk to equipment and personnel by providing the required capabilities needed to deploy a countermeasure and disrupt a VBIED at a fraction of the cost of robots currently being used. Pawn gives operators a simple-to-use robotic platform designed to transport a 45lb BootBanger™ or comparable energetic tool up to 500ft on a roadway (non-line of sight), position it under a vehicle, and initiate it. Pawn can also be used to deploy countermeasures to disrupt buried IEDs depending upon road/surface conditions.
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