The KNIGHT UGV robot is based on a highly stable, easy-to-use all-terrain robot platform that climbs steep hills and stairs, maneuvering through all types of weather including snow up to 8in (200mm) in depth. With a powerful, precise manipulator arm that is one of the finest in the industry, the WM KNIGHT is capable of lifting 165lbs (75kg) at full extension with no backlash. Multiple dual-axis joysticks allow ergonomic, infinitely precise and simultaneous remote control of each individual joint. More details


When mounted to WM Robots’ KNIGHT or other robust mobile robots platform, HAZPROBE enables authorities to remotely control a suspect vehicle. The HAZPROBE targets the specific location of entry and extends the manipulator arm to the target area, sensing when to drill and when boring through the vehicle’s sheet metal is finished.  Once drilling is complete, the drill bit automatically ejects, and the in-shaft Pan & Rotate surveillance camera—color or near-infrared—with its self-illuminating LED ring, extends from the shaft and into the vehicle compartment to reveal hidden threats. More details

Metal and Mine Detectors

WM Robots (WMR) is proud to be a United States (US) representative for MineLab Detectors. WMR employees are ready to help identify the right equipment to meet your requirements as well as work through any of the unique challenges your organization may face. More details

Automatic Video Switcher

The Automatic Video Switcher is designed to upgrade the single 19-Pin J32 weapon’s camera port on Andros Robots to allow control for two weapons and a total of 4 cameras. More details

 Autonomous Applique

Kairos autonomy systems successfully enable optionally unmanned ground vehicle navigation by providing universal retrofit kits for any existing ground vehicle or surface vessel platforms. Delivering a superior, affordable, virtually immediate solution, Kairos systems effectively create a fleet of optionally unmanned robots or tele-operation or semi-autonomous ground vehicles to handle a host of operations. Any existing vehicle or vessel with a steering wheel can be retrofitted directly in the field. More details

Robotic Applications

WM Robots products are compatible with both new and existing robotic systems for a wide spectrum of applications. Our HAZPROBE, retrofit manipulator arm, optimized operator control unit (OCU), and commercial quadcopter are all examples of systems that may be applied to any base unit (such as a vehicle, ground or unmanned robot), allowing for enhanced functionality and capability.

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